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Qualified Instructors



Richard "Ginge" Johnson CSC

An experienced Individual who served in the British Army for 18 years, 13 years of which were spent in the 22nd Special Air Services Regiment. 

During this time he trained as a Special Forces Close Quarter Combat Instructor, and taught these skills  to new members of the Special Air Service. 

Ginge was  involved in developing and teaching a wide range of skills including counter-terrorism techniques and VIP Close Protection to Specialty Police Units which included Royalty and Diplomatic Protection. 

Richard joined the private sector in 1992 and has worked for many  private security companies operating as an international security advisor and consultant. He has extensive experience working with Government officials, very large multi-national companies and very senior executives and has become recognised as one of the leading experts in the field of VIP protection and business security. 

Over the years he has been responsible for the training of various close protection teams and operated exclusively as a security coordinator within high and low level personal protection. During the past 10 years he has been involved in designing and delivering security awareness and personal safety for high risk regions. 

Qualified Instructors



Neal Bradford CSC

Neal served 3 years in the Parachute Regiment (TAVR), and also spent 18 years in the commercial diving industry as a Saturation diver before moving into the private security sector in 1995. 

Neal has worked for a number of private security companies as a well respected close protection officer and security consultant, working worldwide. 

Neal has worked for multi-national companies, senior executives, high networth families and British diplomats both within the UK and various countries world wide. 

Neal worked as an Anti-piracy security consultant, as both a team member and Team leader, teaching and instructing foreign crews how to harden and defend a vessel before entering the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean.

In 2014 Neal qualified as a self-defence instructor and  in 2015 he qualified as a physical restraint instructor and close quarter combat instructor.

Neal is very passionate about  personal safety awareness and self defence.

Qualified Instructors

Jill has almost 25 years experience within the Close Protection Industry

Jill Stevens

Jill has had a lifelong passion for health and fitness and has a Black Belt in Karate. 

She followed her passion and trained as a professional fitness instructor, which led to her  becoming a successful gym manager for 3 years.

In 1994,wanting a new challenge to her life, Jill trained to become one of the first female  Close Protection Officers in the UK.  

Jill is a well respected CPO, working worldwide as a team member, team leader and one on one.  Providing close protection and consultation to Middle Eastern and Far Eastern Royal Families, Ultra High networth individuals, philanthropists, witness and asset protection and surveillance.

Jill is an Anatomy in Motion (AIM) Level 1&2 practitioner,

About Us

Richard "Ginge" Johnson and his close friend and college, SAS Legend John "Lofty" Wiseman.

Two of the Best

Richard "Ginge " Johnson with his close friend SAS legend and best selling author John " Lofty" Wiseman. Lofty came along to offer his advice and wisdom from his long service within the British Special Forces and  expertise is CQC and self defence


Safer Approach

Plan: we are now in the age of the mobile apps and being told we have not got the time for a realistic  and practical approach to enhancing your personal and family safety concerns. 

Prepare: Enhance your personal safety and  awareness improving your knowledge and skills by implementing  a safer approach in your daily schedule  to help and assist in not becoming a target and falling victim.  

Prevent : In today's age of increased crime especially street crime and individuals falling victims due to their poor situational awareness and the lack of personal security awareness skills and  respect.

Your Response: There is a simple answer implement a safer approach to your personal lifestyle improve your knowledge with a Awareness Anticipation and Avoidance skills approach.


Student Drills

Students working hard during the seminar, putting into practice what they had been taught, Special Forces Close Quarter Combat techniques, personal self defence and Disengagement Skills

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